Our mission is to provide building construction services that yield a finished project that fulfills the vision of our customers. This drives us to understand the customer’s priorities and ensure our efforts are consistent with those expectations. West Wing maintains on-site project managers who are working carpenters on all our projects.

Our project management philosophy is predicated on dual management, a combined perspective from the office and the field. We possess an understanding of the quality and detail that is desired and work diligently to assimilate the design intent into every level of the project.

We believe the level of service we provide to our customers is unsurpassed, and this belief has been confirmed by the feedback we have received from our homeowners over the past three decades.


Our partners are homeowners, architects, employees, subcontractors and suppliers. West Wing works with architects and homeowners to create unique design-driven projects. Successful outcomes depend on creating and maintaining all of these relationships. We view these relationships as collaborative, with clear lines of communication, and not adversarial in any way. It is the homeowner’s and architect’s job to specify the project and the role of West Wing to ensure a successful execution of the plans.

Our customers come to us at various points in the process. Sometimes it is before they sit down with an architect, and other times it is after the plans have been created. The goal these customers have in common is their desire to engage with a competent builder upon whom they can rely and trust to understand their needs.