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Since 1979 West Wing Builders, Inc. has been providing architecturally-designed custom homes and renovations throughout the Washington metropolitan area. 

Rob Segal
West Wing Builders was started in 1979 by Rob Segal. Rob is the president of West Wing Builders and typically serves on-site as project manager in the construction process.  It was his ambition to create a company that showcased his skills as a carpenter and general contractor. 

Robert "Cousin" Segal
Robert has been a mainstay of West Wing builders since the mid 1980’s. Besides general contracting of remodeling projects, Robert handles our punch out and handyman services. He possesses a wide range of abilities that make him invaluable to his customers and West Wing.

Juan Aviles
Juan has been Rob Segal's unparalleled right-hand man, working side-by-side in the field for over a decade. On the rare occasion that Rob is pulled off site, Juan seamlessly takes on the role of supervising sub contractors and carrying out tasks to ensure the project remains on schedule. Applying his expertise and dedication to each project, Juan is an essential component of the West Wing team.

Kelly Khlopin
Kelly provides the link between the office administration and the field execution. Kelly works in the office providing both client and field support, ordering products and creating spreadsheets, selection charts, scheduling deliveries and coordinating with our bookkeeper, Lena Young, to maintain an integrated result.

Our partners are homeowners, architects, employees, subcontractors and suppliers.  West Wing works with architects and homeowners to create unique design-driven projects. Successful outcomes depend on creating and maintaining all of these relationships. We view these relationships as collaborative, with clear lines of communication, and not adversarial in any way. It is the homeowner’s and architect’s job to specify the project and the role of West Wing to ensure a successful execution of the plans.  Our customers come to us at various points in the process.  Sometimes it is before they have sat down with an architect, and other times it is after the plans have been created.  The goal these customers have in common is their desire to engage with a competent builder upon whom they can rely and trust to understand their needs.

The mission of West Wing Builders is to provide building construction services that yield a finished project that fulfills the vision of our customers. This drives us to understand the customer’s priorities and ensure our efforts are consistent with those expectations. West Wing maintains on-site project managers who are working carpenters on all our projects.  Our project management philosophy is predicated on dual management, a combined perspective from the office and the field.  We possess an understanding of the quality and detail that is desired and work diligently to assimilate the design intent into every level of the project.  We believe the level of service we provide to our customers is unsurpassed, and this belief has been confirmed by the feedback we have received from our homeowners over the past three decades.   

Being in business for thirty-three years and working together—our shared experiences—allow us to work together effectively.  We possess a common culture and strong commitment to serving our customers. Over the years, we have been able to develop our own systems and best practices that work optimally for our customers and our firm while respecting the design vision of the project. Our best practices are taught and reinforced throughout the company, which allows for a consistently excellent outcome that meets our customers’ expectations.  We work diligently to complete the projects, but we never “cut corners” to get jobs done faster. Quality and customer satisfaction are the dual measures by which we are driven to succeed. 

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